The Importance Of Having A Grease Trap Cleaner


grease trap cleaner


Maintaining the fog inside the commercial kitchen can be a challenging task. To get rid of this problem, the restaurant owners have grease trap cleaners in their kitchens. The technology used to manufacture these cleaners is a high end, and it will trap the grease that is coming out from drains, sinks, and dishwashers. When the grease joins the sewer waters, it will automatically be cleaned. Just like most of the other equipment, the grease trap cleaning in sydney requires proper maintenance from the users. The gas trap will accumulate all the harmful gases and fog inside, which will hinder the quality and diffuse a smell that is hard to bear. It will create breathing problems, and if the restaurant is full of people, it will keep them irritated with the bad smell. Most of the time, solid food particles are trapped inside the grease trap, and you need to clean it off regularly. 


Blockage in the drainage system


The oil trap cleaner will keep the grease above and place the harmful gases or solid food particles at the base in the tank. If you don’t clean the waste regularly, it will be stored inside the tank. Replacing the tank can be very expensive, and if there is a lot of blockage in the pipes, it will hinder the flow of water. The backups and overflow will damage the tank even more, and when it moves down to the sewerage system, it will be harmful. The necessity of having a grease trap cleaner cannot be denied as the municipal has strict rules. If you don’t have one in the restaurant, you may have to pay a substantial penalty. If the mass inside the tank is thick and hard, it will become difficult to remove. Getting a suitable grease trap installed will save you from a lot of hassle, and you can save your money too.


How to know that it’s time to clean the grease trap?


The grease trap maintenance cleaning services need to be cleaned after 90 days; otherwise, they will not work correctly. However, it will also depend on the trap’s capacity and how many dishes you make in the commercial kitchen every day. If the numbers of dishes are more and the grease trap’s capacity is small, it will not be an excellent move to keep it installed. It will be best if you keep a weekly schedule set for cleaning purposes. You can analyze the grease and even measure it using the rod so you can know exactly when the cleaning is required. If the one-fourth of the space inside the tank is filled with grease, it is an indication that you should clean it.