The Modern Gatekeepers Run On Electricity, Always At Your Disposal

Gates are a fence’s way to compromise. I heard that a while ago and it seems it stuck in my head. Fancy words aside though, gates are something most of us know and own. Given the rate at which our world progresses and judging by the amazing advancements we see in most areas of our lives we can safely say not a lot has happened when it comes to gates. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to know about them however.

It used to be that an fencing contractors in Perth was for rich people import the best products. You would see them in movies on these luxurious estates or used as a symbol of power and influence. You didn’t even need to know who lived there; if the gate was automatic you could safely assume the rest. Now however they are everywhere and not only are they affordable but they have also become a lot more efficient in energy use and easier to properly maintain. There are even automatic openers marketed to people who want to install them themselves.

What to look for when you consider a new gate

There is no doubt that an automatic gate is better than a manual one, after all we don’t stop using mixers just because we can technically mix it by hand. The question however is what kind of gate is better for us and how should it be set up to ensure optimal use.  For example do we need a swing gate or a sliding gate? It may seem a cosmetic choice but there are actual issues to take into consideration. For example a sliding gate requires a concrete floor in order to be set up; on the other hand it compensates that by taking no space when we open it. Sure, for some it may not matter but if your driveway is small and you park your car close it could be quite difficult opening those big swing gates. automatic-gates

Then there are variables that can change how you set up the gate opener. If it is a dual gate you will need to make sure it is powerful enough, also we must be mindful whether the gate opens toward the property or toward the street. Another important aspect is the proximity to a power source. If you have a small yard that will not be an issue but if you intend to install it on a ranch then you are probably going to need a solar panel. Normally these things would not matter since if you buy from a store you can easily get the guidance you need, but since the best prices are online these days it is good to keep in mind these simple guidelines.