The different types of industrially used specific blasting media

In some of the biggest manufacturing industries in the world that mainly deal with metal or steel work, there are lots of positive effects when they use different forms of blast finishing techniques and more. These are processes which use specific materials that are each different and has an individual application as well. These processes can be used for cleaning things, or polishing products or importantly preventing rusting or corrosion.

As mentioned before, not every material is used for every type of blasting methods because each materials have unique uses of their own which we are about to discuss.

Aluminum oxide

Aluminum Oxide is one of or if not the most commonly used abrasive blasting in Sydney media in manufacturing industries. This is a very sharp material and is also highly recyclable which it gives it another reason to be used. Using Aluminum Oxide is also rather long lasting and does not need to be repeatedly done. Another good reason this is very common and used a lot is because it’s a hard and very aggressive blast media. This is also mainly applied on metal or steel surfaces. Recently this has become rather popular in paint stripping as well.

Crushed glass grits or beads

Like Aluminum oxide, roughly crushed glass grit or beads are also a very common blast medium. Due to the rather angular edge of glass this allows if to perform on aggressive surfaces. Glass grit is also used in sand blasting as well due to it being a hard material and is able to remove surface coatings or contaminations too. Glass grit contains 0% of silica and it is non – toxic too. Glass beads on the other hand are not as rough or aggressive as glass grit, this leads to a smoother finish.

Steel shot

Now this is usually very popularly used in cleaning, or improving a surface made of metal or steel. Steel shot is made of small circular bead like structure that like glass beads allow for a more smoother and polished finish on a surface. This is also highly used in stripping as a very effective stripping media as well. This material can range its hardness level depending on the surface mostly. (4 grades of hardness are available) Also, steel shot is very recyclable and could even be used over and over until almost hundreds of times. Apart from steel beads, steel grit could also be used but is mostly used when it comes to profiling of very rough or harder metals.