The Unique Features Of Barbell Jewelry

Nowadays there are different kinds of experiments being done by youngsters when it comes to body jewelry. Gone are the days when nose and ear piercing was the only kind of body piercing that was done by women as well as men in order to adorn themselves with different jewelry items. Today the trend is being extended to other body parts as well. Barbell jewelry is being seen as part of facial or body piercing. These differ in shape, material and size, but there are certain aspects that are common in these jewelry items that are intended to be worn through the piercing of different body parts.

Diverse forms of body jewelry

The barbell jewelry that is worn in different parts of the body varies in design. For instance, they can be worn as flexible pieces of plastic jewelry which allows for movement as well as bending of the pierced site. However the safest items are those which are made from 316 stainless steel. There are options created in the designs of these jewelry items which can be internally threaded or externally in order to avoid the pierced site from getting irritated. However, the choice is also upon personal preferences.

Dimensions of barbell jewelry

When one opts for barbell jewelry of 316 stainless steel, these can be of different sizes. The size is referred as a gauge. Smaller posts often have a higher gauge while the ones which are larger have lower gauge. For facial or body piercing usually an average gauge of 14 is chosen. The wound needs to be healed first, after which the wearer can stretch the piercing out in order to accommodate a larger piece of jewelry. 

How barbell jewelry items are designed

There are different shapes to choose from. Usually the common straight barbell with two objects on either end prevents the post from slipping out. The circular barbells are structured in a way that the post can be curved into a circular position. There are banana shaped barbells as well or those which have small balls on either end.

Precautions to take

Though barbell jewelry comes in different materials it is important to choose surgical steel as the safe alloy to wear at the time the piercing is done. It is imperative that the wound is allowed to heal properly and no infection occurs. Only after the wound is healed can one experiment with different metals and alloys. However, non reactive precious metals and stones are advised in order to prevent allergies and reactions from occurring. Those who are dealing with body jewelry items need to stock upon quality materials from certified suppliers whose details can be found on online business directories.