The Game Of Loss And Gain

The things that matter most in life enter and leave your life when you least expect them to. Andy Brown, 32, would build Lego structures to satisfy his need to play because he did not have toys as a child. He’d built a big pirate ship and even a dollhouse to appease himself.
When he’d put together a Lego paper company, one of the pieces that he’d found was a little shop that did forklift repairs. He placed it next to the fire truck that was outside the paper company. This helpful site helps you to find a fully skilled in forklift repair that can offer a wide range of service.
He then searched the pieces to find a man to place inside the forklift repairs’ block. That way there would always be someone in the stall if any of the paper company’s forklifts needed to be fixed.
Brown used the booklet from time to time, but he enjoyed figuring out where each piece went without looking into the booklet. For the pirate ship he only looked in the booklet five times and there were twenty-two steps to put it all together.
Brown lost his mother when he was two years old and his father, who managed to drink himself into a stupor every night since she died, handed him over to social security. He lived at the orphanage for ten years before a family decided to adopt him as a foster child.
The orphanage was a bare place and didn’t believe in toys. The boys he’d stayed with came from rough backgrounds and in order to survive he had to become a tough guy too. Additionally, for a family to consider his adoption, Brown had had to keep good grades. He studied hard, unlike any of the other boys there, and his hard work had finally paid off, a family adopted him.
The family provided him with his own room, a library of books to indulge in and a host of different Lego to play with. No, actually the Lego had belonged to their late son and therefore he was not allowed to play with it because his new parents were still sensitive about their loss.
The only option for him then, was to escape by reading books.
After staying with them for seven years, Brown found a job and moved away from their city. He still sees them once a year, but his demanding corporate job keeps him busy.
This was a long weekend because of the public holiday on Monday – Freedom Day. After what felt like a huge loss when he left his foster home, turned out to be a gain. It helped him begin his Lego hobby without guilt.