The Relevance Of Ideation

Ideation is a creative process that generates new ideas and when the idea is understood is works as a basic element of thought that can be either a concrete or abstract. It comprises of all the stages of a thought cycle with the help of new innovations to the development of products and actualization. The main goal of ideation process is to come up with big ideas. Formation of ideas and converting it into realties and then later on implements them. Basically, Ideas emerge from our mind and the ability to getting ideas is based on one’s knowledge, considerations and main beliefs. 

Getting ideas is the process of deep thinking and to perceive a concept into truth
There are different methods of ideation that focus on creating new methods and technologies which are used in engineering like for lubricate filtration now there are new methods being used in the market. With derivative ideas it involves taking something that already exist and changes it.Through the help of symbiotic ideas there is a creation of ideas by combining multiple ideas by using different elements into a whole.
Importance of actions after ideation is the idea generation is a process where creativity and information combines to form a completely new idea like the new methods used in oil filtration. A glimpse is received by the team of their future product or services to be offered to the customers. A high volume of raw ideas is to be prioritized and then develops into valuable business opportunities. In order to provide a structured way of working they arrange a proper set of tasks and then quickly work upon it to develop into best output by following ideation.
“Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” rightly said by great innovators. Usage of templates is being recommended so that a comparison between alternatives can be created. In order to ensure the ideas are being properly used they should be followed in a chronological order. Ideas must be clustered into bigger and better ideas and regular review must be done by mapping the ideas into themes. The most important thing in order to ensure the success of any innovation strategy is to have a right corporate culture.
If the culture of the organization is not able to cooperate with the change then it is very difficult for the company to sustain an innovation strategy after few activities. The companies are able to bring an innovation in the company only if there is a full dedication of their leaders like Steve Jobs. In addition there must be clear communication between the participants in the ideation process that not only inform them the exact position where the idea stand it also keep them motivated to submit more ideas in the future.